Five Gadgets That You Buy

If you’re like most gadget enthusiasts you have a drawer full of gadgets and gadget accessories that seemed like a good idea to buy at the time but rarely, if ever, get used. Here are a few gadgets that are deemed lightly used, collecting dust.

FM Transmitter for Your Car

It’s possible to play your iPod on your older car stereo with an FM transmitter, but if you’re driving around a metropolitan area with lots of radio stations it can be hard to find an unused slot on the dial. These devices rarely work very well and usually spend most of their days in the glove compartment.

Blank DVDs

Just about any computer newer than 5 years old has a DVD burner. The problem is, most people hardly use their DVD drives let alone record anything. Most people use flash drives for transferring data. If you’re like most people, you purchased a 50 pack of recordable discs on sale and you have 50 left.

Rechargeable Batteries

Most people have a set of Li-ion or NiMH batteries and a charger lying around the house. But some of us forget to charge them or have them hiding in an HDTV remote, and it’s too tempting to just unwrap a pair of non-rechargeable alkaline batteries and be done with it.


Most new laptops come with built-in webcams, but you probably rarely use it. And forget about those after-market webcams. It’s a shame that webcams and video conferencing haven’t become more popular. Maybe Apple’s FaceTime will change all that. There’s always Skype, but how many people actually use the video feature when they make their calls?

Phone Headsets

We’d lay odds that you have more than one old headset laying around that you never use. Maybe it never felt right, looked right, or worked right, and it could even be an old Bluetooth headset. Hopefully you’ve settled on one that you feel comfortable using in the car, because it’s safer to go hands-free -and required by law in many states.