Cool NBA Accessories

With the fashion industry booming, it is hard to see anyone or anything not keeping in to the trend. Gadgets, accessories, men’s and women’s apparel, office equipments, pets, and so many others are laden with style and trendy statements. Who’s in and who’s out? Sports isn’t, especially in NBA.

Throughout the history of NBA, we have witnessed stars rise and fall; we have seen basketball icons that have matured and grown old in the sports; and we have noticed the inevitable changes they’ve undergone. Fashion is no exception. As a matter of fact, they’ve learned to live with it not because they like it but because of reasons that people sometimes don’t understand. We have seen them wear a variety of accessories, and no matter how awkward they look, they managed to start a fashion craze.

These basketball stars sometimes wear masks after a broken nose or facial injury. Others do wear goggles or glasses to serve as eye protection. We see some of them wear headbands not because they’re gay but because they simply avoid hair strands or even sweat from messing up with the game. Arm and wrist bands look better when worn by these players as they prevent sweat from trickling down their skin.

Here are some of our favorite NBA icons who have sported unique fashion statements in a rather awkward way but had still made its way into the fashion industry. In March 2004, Denver Nugget’s big man Zydrunas Ilgauskas was forced to wear a mask after breaking his nose which made him easily recognizable in the court. A more unique Brandon Williams, who only played 18 games in NBA, wore a Batman-like mask in a 1998 NBA season. Goggles were first seen in the NBA court in 1991 when the great Hakeem Olajuwon wore them. His neat kneepads also caught attention. In 2005, the Detroit Pistons defensive specialist started wearing protective eyewear or goggles after getting an eye surgery. He might not be looking his best but he got some points for style. But when asked about the player who wears the most goggles, Horace Grant will most likely be the first to come out. Glasses are also in, first worn by one of the great players George Mikan. In the Los Angeles Lakers, Kurt Rambis definitely had the coolest glass. The exceptional Ben Wallace showed off his power by being the first player to wear headbands instead of wristbands around his arms. When Allen Iverson had his elbow injured, he started wearing an armband which immediately created a new trend in NBA. Star Carmelo Anthony also sported the same style. What about the headbands? Men do wear them, including Wilt Chamberlain and Donald Earl Watts, the first basketball players to consistently wear a headband. Watts, however, did not sport it as a fashion statement but instead used it to prevent sweat from dripping into his eyes.