Accessories You Shouldn’t Live Without

Kindle 2.0 is one of the hottest gadgets on the market. While the first generation Amazon reader was a great device, the 2nd generation improves on that in many areas. The E-ink technology has been improved and the device has bee redesigned from ground up to let you read more conveniently. The controls have been improved  to provide you with a richer reading experience.

The first generation Amazon eBook reader didn’t get too much media attention at first. The adoption rate wasn’t as fast as Amazon would have liked. The 2nd generation caught fire fast and many accessory manufacturers jumped on board to provide Kindle owners with a way to protect their investment without taking away from the experience of using this gadget. There are too many Kindle 2.0 accessories available on the market. Here is a general look at the options available to you:

  • Cases: protective cases are necessary if you want to protect your device from scratches and unfortunate accidents. The last thing you want to do is break a $350 gizmo.
  • Adapters: auto adapters help you charge your gadget while you are on the go. The battery life has been improved but that doesn’t mean you should take things for granted.
  • Warranty: if you are too worried about the health of your gizmo, you can always improve the manufacturer warranty to 2 years.
  • Headphones: this gadget is great for listening to audiobooks, and in order to do that you need a great headphone. Make sure you buy one that suits your way of life.
  • Cables: these allow you to put more ebooks on your Kindle. Some of them let you charge other gadgets while you are transferring data.

Kindle 2.0 accessories are necessary if you want to protect your gadget and get a better reading/listening experience out of your gizmo. I would strongly recommend getting a protective case and the warranty at least. But you can always pick up more accessories to get even more out of your gadget.